The Pyrmont Walk delivers a case study highlighting the urban decay and renewal of an inner city suburb of Sydney. It highlights the changes that have occurred and the factors that have given rise to these changes. Emphasis is placed on:

  • The changing socio-economic and ethic demographic structure of the area
  • The changing economic character and subsequent changes in development of the area
  • The conservation of the heritage of the area as expressed through the architecture and streetscapes
  • Discussion of the growth and future trends of the area

Curriculum references (NSW)

NSW Geography  Stage 6
Mandatory – 8.3.2 URBAN PLACES
Urban dynamics Case Study – fieldwork H3, H9, H10, H12

Program structure

Museum teacher guides take students on a walk through the streets of Pyrmont beginning and ending at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

With the use of photographs of past Pyrmont, students see the changes that have occurred and are occurring in the area. They visit various locations and are given the opportunity to ask questions, take photographs and complete a specially designed activity sheet.

An optional cruise component can be added to this program.


Price: $15 per student.

Teachers and supervising adults visit FREE of charge within the ratios specified in Plan Your School Visit. Additional adults will be charged the student rate.

More information

  • Duration and start/finish times: contingent upon student numbers and will be arranged and explained during booking.
  • Breaks: you're welcome to take recess or lunch at the museum before or after the program, but mid-program breaks must be arranged at time of booking.
  • Entry to exhibitions and vessels: all bookings include FREE entry to museum exhibitions and HMAS Vampire, time permitting. All other vessels require pre-booking. A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies on HMAS Vampire.
  • Location: all programs begin and end at the Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney.